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November 7, 2014
Fox 59 and Hopwood Cellars Winery
Your Town Friday in Boone County


Voted by the people of Zionsville. Hopwood Cellars Winery strives to bring unique, fun and educational entertainment to downtown Zionsville. Thank you for voting for us.

Zionsville Sentinel Times Newspaper 



Best Business of the Year

Voted by Boone County Chamber of Commerce

Hopwood Cellars Winery is deeply honored to receive the grand award for "Best Business of the Year", presented by Boone County Chamber of Commerce. Thank you all for welcoming my family and Hopwood Cellars Winery to Boone County. Many of you have become like Godparents to Sayge and Quinn. Our success is because of factors, such as, making the finest wines, great customer service, and a very strong drive to succeed. Bundle that with the support of this awesome community and it makes succeeding a little easier. I love and support each of you and your businesses. I have many ideas and plans for the future of Hopwood Cellars Winery and I always put Boone County first. I wish you all a great holiday season as I pledge to shop local businesses. Thank you all, my customers, Cheers!

Ron Hopwood

Zionsville Sentinel Times
A customer at Hopwood Cellars, said, "the atmosphere is warm and cozy, and Ron and Janet Hopwood are very welcoming. “You can go in there once and they won’t forget you,” Mills said. “It’s very relaxing. A lot of people from the Village come in and out. We’ve met some nice people there we might not otherwise have met. Sometimes there’s a vocalist performing, and sometimes just instrumentalist. Patrons can request songs, and sometimes everybody sings along. It’s an intimate place, so it’s a different feeling than being in a big venue. “They’re (the performers) right there with you. They interact with people in the winery.”

Hopwood Cellars Winery, and the Zionsville music scene, Hopwood Cellars Winery, 12 E. Cedar St., invites area musicians to perform on Fridays from 6 to 8 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 to 10 p.m. to provide entertainment for customers. Owner Ron Hopwood said he strives to find people who can bring different instruments or voices for different sounds, ranging from a folk/Celtic singer to rock & roll. There are even sing-along groups from time to time, “we want to be known for bringing variety to Zionsville. Most performers are from Zionsville or the Indianapolis area. We’re all about trying to promote that local musician". Hopwood said there’s a rotation of six to eight weeks among performers so customers do not hear the same band week after week. “We started doing Friday music probably seven months ago,” he said. “Saturday music we just started about three months ago, it brings in a great crowd.” Bands set up in the front window, and Hopwood said many times it is standing room only. He said the crowd is different every week, “it is a quaint place ... you brush up against people you haven’t seen in a while,” he said, adding he also meets many new people weekly. The music is free, as are light appetizers and cheeses on the food bar. Wine may be purchased by the glass or the bottle, and customers can taste up to five wines before they decide on one to order, “it’s a fun time,” Hopwood said, adding reservations are not necessary, and people can come and go as they please. “It’s a relaxed atmosphere.” After music concludes, he said, some customers like to stay and chit-chat with friends for awhile. For a schedule and links to band websites, visit www.hopwoodcellars.com.





Local wine maker brings new energy and events to the village in just one year

By Abby Walton

Right now, Ron Hopwood can’t make wine fast enough. “We would love to distribute our wines to local grocers or restaurants, but we just don’t have that ability right now,” he said. The Zionsville winery owner has become so popular in his first year of business that whenever a batch is ready to go, it’s usually gone in a few months. But after working towards his dream for more than 16 years, Hopwood said it’s good to be busy. “My goal was just to make a good glass of wine that you could take with you and sit out on the back patio. All of this has exceeded my wildest dreams."

Sommelier, Erik Larsen shares his thoughts on wine pairings at a recent “Sommelier Night” on Sept. 11. “When I came in I realized his (Hopwood) wine making style was different than what you find in the midwest,” Larsen said. “It has a European influence. He also brings out a more complex range of grapes than you would not normally find.” For someone so passionate and knowledgeable about wine, one might think Hopwood has been in the business all his life. However, his wine-making actually started out as a hobby. “I was a realtor for many years,” he said. By studying wine and making it at home since 1996, this hobby started to develop into something more. “It got to the point where, by the time I was marrying my wife, Janet, I was able to supply my whole wedding with wine that I made,” Hopwood said. Six years ago, with the support of his family, Hopwood made a life-changing decision. “I knew I was good at two things, selling houses and making wine. So in my mid-40’s, I decided making wine was more fun,” he said. With that, Hopwood started looking for a place to open his winery. “I knew I wanted to be in this area because there are no other wineries around,” he said, “I took one look at the brick streets and it just felt like the right place to make fine wines.” One year ago Hopwood quit his real estate position and launched into his wine-making business full-time on Cedar St. In the back of his shop, not only does Hopwood make several kinds of red and white wines, he also prides himself on creating wine blends. He said this is done by using two or more different types of grapes. Whether you have a palate for dry or sweet wines, Hopwood’s goal is to make sure you leave happy and also more educated about wine. “We make it a priority to give people knowledge about the wines they’re drinking and how to pair them with certain foods.” The winery hosts “Sommelier Night” with tastings from a local wine expert to learn how to pair wines with chocolate or even more adventurous things like takeout and tailgate food. He also specializes in the “wine shake” which has become so popular that people from out of town have made repeat trips.

Chicago residents Nick Miketinac and Geoff Giorigi made a return trip for Hopwood’s famous “wine shake”. “It’s the only wine shake available anywhere. It’s delicious,” Nick Miketinac, of Chicago, said. His friend added, “The first time we walked in after dinner I said, ‘I’ll have whatever you’re famous for.’” Geoff Giorgi said. “At first, it sounded horrible but now I come back, all the way from Chicago, for a wine shake. It’s my after dinner dessert.” By making wine something that’s fun and not intimidating, Hopwood has created a business that continues to grow with plans to buy larger tanks to ferment and store more wine while looking for land for his own vineyard. “My goal is to find the right soil here in Boone County. But if I can’t find the right soil here, then I’ll just bring it in myself,” he said. When talking to Hopwood, it’s evident how much he credits the people of Zionsville and the surrounding areas for his success. “The people are just awesome here and are really big on supporting local businesses,” he said. In turn, Hopwood said he’s glad to help the local economy by bringing people from the surrounding cities to Zionsville, with 65 percent of his business from out of towners. While some people place the West Coast as the wine-making capital of the nation, Hopwood is working hard to prove them wrong. “We are living proof that fine wines can be made in the Midwest.”

 One Year Anniversary Party and Grape Stomp 7 to 9 a.m. and 1 to 4 p.m. on Sept. 28 at the winery. For more information visit www.hopwoodcellars.com or call 873-4099.



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 Posted: Hopwood Cellars- Zionsville, Indiana
As Labor Day has come and gone, I have thought back to the summer and visit to an excellent winery in Zionsville that my wife and I stopped at on our way home from IU. It was my first trip to Zionsville, and on a side note, the downtown is wonderful and my wife and I plan to come back on a future trip. It was right in downtown that we found our destination: Hopwood Cellars. The first thing that jumps out at you as you walk in the door is the warm, relaxed atmosphere of the place. The décor and features are both classy and comfortable. Patrons have the option of sitting at the bar, which is very accommodating for conversation, not only with someone sitting next to you, but with other patrons sitting across the bar, or enjoying the comfort of the winery’s chairs and couches. In the corner, right in front of the large, store-front window, there is a small stage area, where the winery provides free entertainment, along with free appetizers, on the weekend. The second thing you notice is that even on a quiet summer afternoon, you can practically feel the energy and enthusiasm of the winery’s owner and winemaker, Ron Hopwood. My wife and I had the chance to talk with him at length, and clearly Ron (I have met him one time and I feel like we are already on a first name basis) is a man who loves what he does. He began making wine with his brother-in-law, supplying local weddings with his product. Over time, he began entering his wine in various competitions, where he was very successful, winning numerous awards. Finally, about a year ago (Hopwood Cellars is celebrating their first anniversary on September 28th), Hopwood and his wife, Janet, opened the winery in downtown Zionsville. Hopwood’s wines are made on-site, utilizing the rear of the winery for that purpose. The facility uses three temperature-controlled fermentation tanks, which Hopwood hopes to add to over time. As his business and clientele grow, Hopwood keeps one eye looking ahead to the future, with future goals of online sales and starting his own vineyard.

 One aspect of Hopwood Cellars that I really like is the nice selection of dry wines. Many Midwest wineries offer dry selections, but tend to specialize and focus on more popular sweet offerings. During our conversation with Hopwood, he says he has a strong dry wine clientele and he is glad to provide a variety of both red and white wine products to cater to his customers. When I asked him about his approach to the art of wine making, he said that he produces an inventory of products, but when one variety or another runs out, he looks to create new varieties, rather than reproducing the same flavor of the sold-out selection. As for the wine itself, my wife and I enjoyed several different varieties, focusing on Hopwood’s dry red wine products. Among the selections we enjoyed were the following: Bekkar, made with Chambourcin and Chancellor grapes and aged in Michigan oak; Sunbaked Mihr, made with Marechal Foch grapes, with the flavor of berries paired with hints of pepper and spice; Dechaunac, a smooth, full-bodied red wine; and, my personal favorite, Hopwood’s version of that popular Indiana wine, Chambourcin, a bottle of which my wife and I have on hand in our home wine supply. One item we did not try during our visit, but which is a Hopwood favorite, is a wine shake, made with Bekkar wine, vanilla ice cream, whip cream and a “secret mix-in”.

 Hopwood Cellars is open seven days a week, and is located at 12 E. Cedar Street in downtown Zionsville. For more information about the winery, I would encourage you to check out Hopwood’s website at http://www.hopwoodcellars.com/ .

  The Indianapolis Star

Emerging nightlife in Zionsville
Janet Hopwood makes a Wine Shake at Hopwood Cellars Winery in Zionsville. Venues such as the winery are bringing more people to downtown Zionsville in the evening.

Pat Brearton sang and played folk music on a bouzouki while listeners sipped wine around a horseshoe-shaped bar at Hopwood Cellars Winery. That’s a Friday night in downtown Zionsville. “You kind of forget you’re in your own hometown. When you come downtown, there is always something going on,” said Melissa Schmidt, Zionsville, who was out with husband Kevin, celebrating their anniversary. Zionsville has been known for its -postcard village-style downtown, where eateries, shops and galleries line a brick-paved Main Street. But the six-block business district is becoming popular among baby boomers and Gen X’ers as a “comfortable” place to take in live entertainment. “Definitely, the music brings the people,” said Ron Hopwood, owner of Hopwood Cellars Winery, which opened a year ago. “Through the week, we might get 30 people each evening, but on Fridays, with the music, we get more than a hundred people throughout the night.” The emerging nightlife — which still isn’t late night — is good for the town, said Ed Mitro, Zionsville town manager. “It’s a great thing to have these additional entertainment venues. I think it adds vibrancy to the downtown.”

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Hours of Operation

Tuesday: 1:00pm - 6:00pm
Wednesday: 1:00pm - 6:00pm
Thursday: 1:00pm - 6:00pm
Friday: 1:00pm - 6:00pm
Saturday: 1:00pm - 6:00pm
Sunday: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Closed: Thanksgiving, Christmas,
​New Year's Day, Easter

Deals and Discounts

Multiple Bottle Discounts
3 - 5 bottles: 10% off
6 - 11 bottles: 15% off
12+ bottles: 20% off

Vino Wine Shake Program
Buy 5 shakes get the 6th free!
(ask for punch card)

Store Information

12 E Cedar St.
Zionsville, IN 46077
(317) 873-4099